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Eastern Primary School, Port Talbot

Our Curriculum Statement

Our vision at Eastern Primary School is to be a community of excellence who provides a caring, safe, happy environment which is inclusive to all. Everyone is valued, through our community partnerships, which helps our children become independent, responsible, respectful citizens of the future.

We aim to provide a rich, experiential and balanced curriculum that stimulates natural curiosity and enquiring minds of our pupils to become ambitious, independent and creative learners. We want all our pupils to reach their full potential and be equipped with the necessary skills (including digital) to become capable and resilient lifelong learners. By designing a curriculum which focuses on these elements our children at Eastern Primary will develop the four purposes of being Ambitious Capable Learners; Enterprising Creative Contributors; Ethical and Informed Citizens and Healthy Confident Individuals

The curriculum at our school is progressive and will ensure pupils develop control and independence in their development of their literacy, numeracy, digital and integral skills in addition to ensuring pupils engage with increasingly complex and sophisticated content to progress their knowledge and understanding.

Our curriculum is designed to develop in our pupils a sense of belonging, not just in a physical or geographical sense but also the historic, cultural and social place which has shaped and continues to shape the community which our school inhabits. We aim to help our pupils make sense of their own identities and those of others, in our community, Wales and the across the world.

The school will monitor the impact of its curriculum on pupils’ progression and their development of the four purposes on a continuous basis throughout the academic year and complete a formal review on an annual basis.